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Captain Gysi (captain gysi - galaxis futura) (pc game)
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Galaxis Futura is a very... cheeky adventure!

The Dutch, contrary to popular belief, do have a sense of humor, and this dutch adventure game shows it pretty heftily! In Captain Gysi Galaxis Futura you play a character that is definitely similar to such games as Leisure Suit Larry but the mature themes are treated somewhat differently. What is striking is the difference in world views; where Larry was an all American nincompoop, incompetent middle aged guy looking for an easy hookup, thinking, to a point that he deserved all that he could get, in this game, that world view is certainly different! Anyway, along with the story, there are also cool environmental based, mostly, puzzles, that ask you to locate objects in the very nicely colored backgrounds, but also to talk with the other characters. It's also got a political undertone with themes of corruption and emphasizes the problems that arise from a free market, if you want to read very deep into it, but you can also enjoy Captain Gysi Galaxis Futura for the tongue in cheek humor and the puzzles that you get from it. So, overall, Captain Gysi Galaxis Futura is a cheeky, smart, funny at times, well done cartoonish adventure, which you will like too if Leisure Suit like games are your cup of tea.