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Hill Street Blues (pc game)
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  • Producers
  • Roll Call
  • The captain
  • Hill Street Blues pc game
  • Officer Coffey
  • Go to where
  • The office
  • The city
  • Intersection
  • Select suspect
  • Officer Renko
  • Select the pedestrian
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Welcome to where?
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View the life of a police officer

This life simulation game lets you see how does a life of a police officer look like. You are given the role of the captain of a police precinct and it is your job to organize your force in the best way you can and preserve the peace in the city. The simulation is very realistic - each day you start the day with a roll call. You hear reports over the radio dispatcher and send your police officers on the crime scene. Your policemen are on foot or in a car, in real time traffic, and everything is seen from a top down 2D perspective. To keep things interesting, you can even take part in the crime investigation, interrogate witnesses and find culprits. The ultimate objective is to become the chief of police, if you do well enough, that is. Like Yoot Tower or SimCity, this is a pretty realistic representation of a real life situation. There are a few objections to be made, though - the game is a bit too fast and there might be too much to do in a very small time span. The graphics are pretty poor and that might be another downside to the game. Still, if you don't mind these two things, you got yourself a great life sim. Have fun!