Carrera Bahn

Racing 1990 Dos Martin Deiher Top down

Simplistic top down racer; lots of fun

Carrera Bahn is not much of a looker; it's a top down, 2 color like game; your tracks are black, as the background, seen from a top down cut out. Heck, I've seen better tracks done in the mini maps of 3D racing games! But it doesn't matter, if you are okay with this perspective, you will find that your minuscule car rides pretty cool and it is not just a dot moving without any concern for physics; not at all; you will better make sure that you press the break next to corners, and also, try to not go out of the track, as that will surely slow you down a lot, and even break down your racer. So, I must say, compared to Hot Wheels mini racers, this one feels really older and not as polished, and, those NES HW titles were definitely not winning any graphical popularity contests. So, overall, Carrera Bahn is playable, but looks a bit too simplistic and also, it looks a little underwhelming, but it's fun, and, most of all, it requires more attention than you'd think. Guess judging a game by its graphics only is proven a faulty method by this simplistic game. Have it iny our collection, it is weird, true, but a different type of retro fun.

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