Catch 'Em

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Global Software Platformer

Catch the monkeys before they escape for good!

In Catch 'Em you play the person that solves problems, and in this game the problem is that monkeys have escaped from the Zoo, because their keeper is a nincompoop! But no matter, armed with patience, a good eye for the way the Monkeys plan their escape, along with a good amount of bananas, no monkey flock is too smart or too fast for you. The game, graphically is rather cartoonish but with fluid animations and pretty cool. Each level has its own hurdles and platforms, as well as its ladders and ledges, and your banana count is not going to replenish; bananas come in fixed numbers. So do the tranquilizer darts, so you have to use them cautiously and in small numbers, also in the best possible spots, and that is why this game has a puzzle edge to it; you have to think strategically about your hunt. Plus, making it all even harder, each level plays against time, so you have to be quick if you are to succeed. Anyway, give it a go, and also download Jason Storm in Space Chase, a somewhat similar gameplay platformer, though more classic.

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