Arcade 1986 Dos Paragon Software Futuristic

Kill the alien

The original Gemini was a pretty cool little old-school arcade shooter that hearkened back to the likes of Battlezone and Deep Space. This one doesn't add much to the formula which is a little disappointing but again provides some straightforward blasting thrills. You're thrown into command of neat little tank and must roam the surface of hostile alien planets with one simple goal: Kill or be killed. There are stacks of unpleasant aliens roaming around and it's your task to blow them away with extreme prejudice. There's not much more to the game than that to be honest and it's most a case of following the map by using the arrow keys and getting the bad guys before they get you. You just have to keep an eye on your damage meter and keep moving in order to emerge successfully but there's little else to worry about. Gemini-2 is undeniably straightforward stuff but this is much of its appeal in all honesty. The visuals have that classic early 3D look but fall behind true genre definers like Starglider and Elite, with bare environments and simple wireframe representations of the bad guys. The controls are nice and simple to pick up, just requiring the arrow keys and the space bar, so you can just get on with shooting fun. In this respect, the game is pretty good fun and if you're looking for some undemanding blasting, you could do worse than look here. It's not a game which is going to last you forever, as it isn't exactly complex stuff but while it lasts it's pretty enjoyable stuff.

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