Space Ace 2

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox ReadySoft Cartoon Science Fiction

Overwhelmingly non interactive (and broken when interactive!)

Hmm, if, say, your VCR (what year is it ???, heheh) or your trusty DVD player has broken down and your favorite interactive DVD has gotten too many scratches to still be able to play, well, here's a good option for you: a game that features just as much (and by much I mean barely any!) interactivity as your regular DVD with an embedded interactive bit. Thus, this is a game of the laserdisc era, you know, Dragon's Lair kind of thing. This means that you will watch a cartoon, and, at times, when prompted, you'll have to quicky press the right set of buttons to see the game advance. Yeah, it's not a lot, heck, it's too little even for those that are fans of interactive DVDs, but, well, for me at least it was not enough. Notwithstanding that the bits that are interactive are frustrating and not too well advertised, if you will, and so, you'll have to watch and re watch the same animations over and over and over again. Sluggish, not fun, pretty boring. So, maybe, Space Ace 2 is a cool story, an animated short worth watching for its own sake, you'll think... Well, not really, unfortunately. It's an alright cartoon, Sci Fi for kids like, only that kids won't really have the patience that neither I, used to gaming hardships, I couldn't muster. So, yeah, avoid it, rather go for Another World, which, even if stiff at times, is still tons more playable than this over the top interactive DVD here!

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