Up 'n Down

Arcade 1984 Dos SEGA Humorous

Plenty of racing fun

SEGA are well known for their eighties arcade hits like Thunderblade and Space Harrier, as well as copious amounts of racing games like Outrun and Power Drift. This lesser known title from the studio is another little driving game and while it is very different from these aforementioned classics, it remains an enjoyable little excursion into the past. There's nothing particularly original about the game but it is fun nonetheless, displaying some of the clever design which would typify SEGA's later work. The object of the game is simple and sees players driving cute little cars around a variety of twisty turny course, trying to collect flags which will extend your time. The courses are also littered with ice cream cones and other such objects which can be collected for bonus points, along with jumps for some extra fun. The jumps add in one of the game's most enjoyable aspects, as you can leap onto other cars and cause them to crash. This comes in vital in later stages, as there are vehicles carrying flags so you will need all your skill to take them out. Throw in some dead ends and a few other surprises and you are good to go. Up 'n' Down isn't quite a classic, but it is fun which is what counts. The driving action is simple but rarely less than good natured, especially when you throw in a second player for some added larks. The visuals are equally straightforward but do the job well enough, while the controls are intuitive and responsive and which help to make the game as enjoyable as it is. If you like racers like Ironman Offroad Racing or Micro Machines, then check this out.

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