Aliens vs Predator: Gold Edition

Action 2000 Windows Fox Interactive Shooter Horror Aliens invasion

Superb sci-fi FPS

Both the Alien and Predator franchises have translated to gaming screens with mixed success, with things Predator 2 and games based directly on Alien and Aliens not doing justice to their source material. Ironically, while the AvP movies are regarded as low points of the film franchise, this version is an excellent addition to the franchise and should definitely be played by fans. It is basically an FPS but features the Aliens, Predator and Marines as playable races each with their own campaign to play through. As you'd expect, each race plays very differently, with the Marines having access to lots of high powered guns but being pretty fragile, the Aliens being fast and furious with nothing but teeth and claws and the Predators having immense strength and powers of stealth with which to stalk their prey. The three campaigns are distinct from each other but take players to established locations from the series' history, like LV426 and Fury 161 as well as new planets and space stations, as the alien menace spreads throughout the galaxy. Alien vs Predator is an excellent FPS that offers a lot of twists over the genre standards like Doom and Unreal, with the three races presenting substantially different experiences and which gives the game a lot of value. The visuals are strong and give the right kind of brooding atmosphere while the firefights get pretty intense with alarming frequency. All the tricks and gadgets you'd expect are here, from motion trackers, to heat vision and cloaking devices, making this a treat for fans of the movies and comic books. This Gold edition throws in some new multiplayer maps as well as a few extras and altogether, this is a great package for anyone looking for a thrilling adventure. The sequel, Aliens vs Predator 2 tops even this release though and is a must play.

Preety good fps game

This FPS action game introduces a lot of elements that have been lacking in the previous version of this game. The features that they have introduced in this game have added a good depth to the gameplay but the graphics are almost the same as we saw in the original version. These graphics are very attractive and creative and supported by some great designs and gestures. The new features that they have introduced in this one are the new weapons that cause great destruction and the new stages for the multiplayer mode. Though the stages for the single player are the same in number as in the original game but this one has 16 multiplayer maps and a millennium pack along with a great strategy guide. The game is very good for those who like to play the multiplayer mode or otherwise they can stick to the original version Aliens vs Predator. However there is nothing new in terms of the missions or the plots that it supports. The good thing about this game is the smooth gameplay that it has and is supported by some very responsive controls that allows quick action shooting all the way.

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