Dungeon Keeper Gold

RPG 1998 Dos Electronic Arts Strategic scope Myth and legend Real time Dungeons and Dragons Action Fantasy Strategy

Original plus the expansion pack

This is the Dungeon Keeper you want to play, as it includes the original content as well as the Deeper Dungeons expansion. Also, as the release note states, the game is much less buggy, so, that's another plus to take into consideration right there. So, what is Dungeon Keeper then? You probably heard of it but never truly understood the recipe, which was quite original for its time. You see, Dungeon Keeper is a game that is an RTS and world builder type deal, only that the building and the expansion happens underground! Yap, it's like a Sim City type game only underground, and also, it has some elements of Godlike games (Black and White, Sim Ant, etc), thus, you can exercise your inner demons and expel your nerves on the creatures from the abyss. Why would you want to go crazy underground, you might ask? Well, world domination is the goal, a kind of goal that will later be explored by Evil Genius, though in a game more inclined towards Austin Powers than towards cartoonish devilry. So, definitely give it a go, Dungeon Keeper is truly a remarkable combination of 2 different gameplay mechanics, and this gold version sure adds more diversity to keep you entertained (and to tingle your evil bone, hehe) for days on end.

Not as easy as it seems

Another great and beautiful game from Bullfrog, the creator of Populous and Syndicate, this time with a great micromanagement strategy. This time, you are the Overlord of the underground, the Dungeon Master, and your task is to make the dungeons your people live in impregnable to the heroes who are here to banish your evil asses out of their land. You won't have that. You have to create mazes and underground tunnels and then kill them in the most violent way possible. The managing of the dungeons is not simple task, since your demons are of various size and interest, and you have to keep track of all of that, while the space is very limited. The variety of demons is really spectacular, which shows just how much detail has been put into the making of this game. You will spend countless hours of fun making and organizing the dungeons and defeating the humans while screaming "Take that, you motherf*****s!", not knowing what time it is, or, probably, even what day it is. Truly a gem.

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